Andrew Kurau

Andrew Kurau is a business development, and sales and marketing operations professional with a diverse background rooted in science and technology. With a penchant for building businesses and a deep understanding of trends, Andrew has the skills to stimulate growth and increase market share. Andrew is data driven, automation oriented, and relentlessly resourceful.

Sales and Marketing Operations


Business Development

Global Partnerships, Strategic Alliances, Omni-channel Distribution Partnerships, API Developer Relations, Financial Modeling and Revenue Forecasting, Competitive Analysis, B2B Channel Partnerships, B2B Direct Sales

Sales and Marketing Technology

Sales and Marketing Technology Stack Strategy, Business Process Architecture and Implementation, Sales and Marketing Automation, Salesforce Development and Implementation, Marketo Development and Implementation, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS Integrations

Marketing & Analytics

Account-based Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising, CLTV and CAC Analysis


B.Sc., double major: Mathematics and Physics


Business Development

Global partnerships and strategic alliances

Sales & Marketing Technology

Technology strategy,
implementation and setup

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence, reporting, and forecasting

Business Process Optimization

Business process analysis and optimization

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